Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!! Well, not really a chicken dinner but a box of our all natural energy supplement is even better than that!!

I have 2 announcements and a 30 day supply of the supplement goes to both winners!
We had awesome results for the decorated water jug contest and THIS is the winner! Congratulations to Angela Pritchard! Angela, please contact me and give me an address so that I can send you this awesome supplement!

And I hope that you are using your jug and reaping the benefits of staying hydrated! This has helped me in my weight loss and my overall health!

And the winner of the followers drawing is.......Stacia Butler! Not only is she following along, but she is bringing people along to read about this journey!

Congrats Stacia!! Please let me know an address also to send this to! Now you will get to try it! I know you are excited!

Tomorrow I will have a very interesting topic so tune back in then!!

Sorry for being gone from here this past kinda got in the way and I was enjoying it to the fullest with my awesome family!!  See you tomorrow!!



Stacia Chastain
09/05/2013 10:11am

I am so dad gum excited! Cant wait to get started! I have my accelerate & I am waiting!! Woot woot! I never win anything :)


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