Here is the definition......As you notice, faithfulness is also in this definition.

In the last few days, loyalty has really been on my heart.  Not just loyalty in one since but all the way across the board in my life.  Loyalty to family, my friends, my lifestyle, my diet, my supplements, my workouts, my business, my God.... and feel free to put the word "faithfulness" where the word "loyalty" is and read those words again.  What are your loyalities? What are you faithful to?

Loyalty is a HUGE deal to me! I am the kind of person that if I am in, then I am 100% IN....you know, NO grey area.  I will go down fighting for ANY of the loyalities listed above. 

Which brings me to my journey to the stage!  My loyalty lies within myself to make this dream come true!

I will continue to be loyal to my diet because I see results.  Changes I never thought possible. 

I will step on the stage in SIX weeks.....SIX!!! Oh my-lanta!! That sounds crazy.

Would each of you please put me and my daughter on your prayer list to pray for us to stay focused, healthy and humble.  I want people to see Jesus through me and inspire others to find their loyalties inside of each of them!


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