The question I get more than anything...."what do you eat?"

So today I will tell you about what I eat!
Chicken, broccoli and fish are the staple foods! Before long, I will be clucking with gills! I only hope the statement You are what you eat isn't the truth!! haha

So how this works is I eat the same thing for 3 days, something different for 3 days and something else for 1 day.....then I start over again!

The first 3 days look like this....

Meal 1: Whey Isolate protein shake
Meal 2: Whey Isolate protein shake
Meal 3: 6 ounces of albacore tuna with mustard and lime juice
Meal 4: small organic apple
Meal 5: 2.5 ounces chicken with 2 cups broccoli
Meal 6: Whey Isolate protein shake

I eat every couple of hours so I am not hungry at all but sometimes my struggle is that I am not SATISFIED!  You see, these are two totaly different things. There is no way I could be hungry! Nutritionally, I am getting everything my body needs but my mouth and my head aren't my friend some days.  My mouth and my head tell me I am hungry when that is not the case!

I struggle just like you do.  Weight loss and getting healthy is a head game as much as it is anything.  We all have those demons to fight but I just refuse to let those demons control me! I am stronger than my demons and I KNOW that Satan is a LIAR and I am special!

Hang around here and I will fill you in on the next 3 days!!


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