Water is SOOOOO important to drink each day! And I am a firm believer in each person needs to drink at LEAST a gallon a day. 

Drinking plenty of water helps in your overall health, skin, weight loss, muscle growth...its just good for you all the way around.

So I thought it would be fun to have everyone decorate a gallon water jug and have a contest to win a FREE box of our natural energy supplement! PLUS you will be able to use your jug each day to help you be more successful in your water drinking! So, I will share the deets below!


I am having a contest for the BEST decorated gallon water jug! So below are the deets!

1. Buy a gallon jug of drinking water and decorating pens or your choice
2. Decorate any way you would like but make sure it is usable each day because I want you to be able to use the jug after the contest
3. After you have it decorated, take a picture and send it to ShapeUpWithSandra@gmail.com. DO NOT post them on your facebook! All pictures MUST be received by midnight on Monday Aug. 26th.
4. All pictures will be place on my Tuesday, Aug. 27th blog and open for voting by your friends and family.
5. Voting will close Friday, Aug. 30th at midnight
6. Winner will be announced in my Saturday Blog and the winner will receive a months worth of our natural energy supplement (45.00 value)

So, let's have fun with this and make something that will help us drink our water each day!! Happy Decorating!!

Tell you friends and family to come to this blog and get ready to vote next week! It will be fun to see the creativity!


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