This journey of weight loss and health have been the best months of my life! I feel so good, I am able to help support my family as a wellness coach, BUT the best thing of all is....I have made some of the best friends a girl could ask for! I would love to have you meet a few of them!!
And these are just a tip of the iceburg of my friends and their results!!  Now I want to show you something else...Remember my friend Melissa from Tennessee that I said it was much more than weight loss? Let me tell you and show you....
She was healed from the inside out! The top left photo shows Rosacea at chronic stage, 1 year ago, having just reacted to a med dermatologist prescribed, no make up. Top right with makeup after 6 months of trying 3 antibiotics and 6 different very expensive creams.  Lower left without makeup 1 week on our supplements, no meds.  Lower right with make up 4 months on our supplements, no meds!

Pretty amazing huh?! So you see, this isn't just for weight loss! It is much much more that that!

And the last one for now is my friend Carrie.  Carrie suffered from debilitating migraines to the point of putting her in bed daily at she took 14 pills from the Mayo clinic just to make them tolerable! After starting these supplements, she has been migraine free for over 18 months, has her life back and lost a few of the extra lbs too! 

I just wanted you to meet a few of my amazing friends! God has really blessed me and I am so thankful!


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