TODAY marks 9 weeks until my feet hit the stage in my very first NPC Body Building Figure Competition! EEEKKKK!! So many things running through my head!

Of course I am scared to death! Am I going to pose right, hope is don't fall in those 4 inch heels, will I forget everything I know, I hope there is someone beside me that looks worse than I do and my family and friends will be in the audience and I hope they are proud of me....these are just the last few thoughts as I sit here.  Man, it's a busy place in my noggin these day huh?!

The competition diet is getting more strict too and some days I wonder what I am doing this for....then I look in the mirror and know where I have been and love where I am headed.  This was so far out of reach for me.  So far out of my comfort zone! But only because I didn't have the dream.  Now I have the dream and the motivation.

I have come a long way but I have sooooo much further to go! Time to turn up the heat, burn more calories and train harder!  But remember it all starts by just getting off the couch a little bit at a time.  Walk to the mailbox and back, walk to the end of the street and back.  Do something to start! Anything is better than nothing at all!! The


Kara Parks
08/18/2013 7:16pm

Lived this post today! You're such an inspiration my friend. Because of YOU, I'm down 26 lbs and joined a gym today. Yes, I know I can't believe it. I'm just now getting use to my new body and I'm ready to take it to the next level. I have never felt better and I owe it all to these products and your support!!! Here's to the next chapter :)


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