Strength is a word that can be looked at many different ways! It could be the physical strength to lift weights, mental strength to get through a tough situation and spiritual strength to endure Satan's lies!

Having strength takes training.  You need to train with weights to be physically strong, counseling or self help books train you for the mental strength and reading the Bible or praying trains us for the spiritual strength. 
I just love this quote! Sometimes we do all we can do to become stronger and as our strengths grows and we see how strong in whatever area it is that we are training in....when you actually overcome what you thought you couldn't....THAT is our breakthrough. 

I love this because I am overcoming what I "thought" I couldn't do.....I AM going to be a competitor in a body building competition. I AM doing something I once thought I couldn't and I must say....I am very proud! And it's not about winning but just about doing something I thought I couldn't.

I trained with my coach today.  As I looked in the mirror, my emotions were all over the place! One second I was like DANG! I THINK I AM GOING TO GET THERE.  And the next thought was UGH! LOOK AT THAT FAT RIGHT THERE. But, I am sticking with it and trying.  That's all I want you to do too! Just hang in there and keep on trying!

There is something she has hanging on her wall that says...Strength....It's not about how much strength you have for that 1 hour workout session each day, it's about what kind of strength you have the other 23 hours that matters!!  Think about that! Strive to be strong and train 24 hours a day instead of just that 1 hour you pray or read your bible or work out at the gym! Let's go on this journey together and find STRENGTH in all that we do!!


08/13/2013 8:48pm

What a great post!!! We all need that strength. With your support, which I have come to appreciate so much, I know I will get to my goal!


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