This is my newest progress pic! I am thrill to announce that I have a new middle number that I have NEVER seen in my adult life! My muscles are growing and showing the definition that I have been hoping to see soon too!

With that said, I am moving into something that I have read about and heard about and I am excited to start next week.  It is called Intermittent Fasting or "The IF Life".  It is VERY interesting!

"IF" is a pattern of eating that alternates between period of fasting (usually meaning cosumption of water and calorie free drinks such as black coffee and sugar free flavored waters) and non-fasting.  Now, these fasting periods are NOT longer than 24 hours and are best when they are around 16-18 hours.  AND the majority of the fasting time is when you are sleeping.  So you pick a day, eat nothing after 8pm until the next day at noon (16 hours) and at noon you can eat 2 meals between noon and 8 pm.  These 2 meals need to be VERY healthy.....like a chicken breast, 1/2 brocolli and an avocado or white fish, quinoa and fresh cucumbers with tomatos.  At 8 pm, you do the same thing and have nothing to eat until noon the next day and then you continue on with your eating plan from there.  Pretty simple huh?!! For example, here is my schedule....I will start at 8pm on Tuesday night.  I will not eat again (but will drink every hour after waking) until noon on Wednesday.  I will have 2 meals between noon and 8pm.  Then I will have nothing until noon Thursday and will resume my normal eating plan. 

The purpose of "IF" is to speed up your metabolism, reduce body fat and encourage fat oxidation.  It will also slow down the aging process and will increase your life span. Who doesn't want that haha!!

I am starting it next week.  I will keep you posted on how it goes and what my numbers are showing.  

Oh.....as of today I am 30 DAYS from stepping on the stage! AND my suit gets here tomorrow! So exciting yet so intimidating!! BUT so empowering! :)



09/19/2013 3:57pm

hmmmm sounds interesting. Do keep us posted!

09/25/2013 12:17pm

Sounds totally do-able! If anyone can do it, you can!
Can anyone do it or is it not recommended unless you're in serious rock star training mode like you?

09/25/2013 12:40pm

Kelly, anyone can do this. It is something you can do each week and if you google it, you will see the benefits are wonderful. :)


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