Wow! My very first post in the blog! I thought and thought about what to say or do to make this a FABULOUS post and I am speechless! Okay, well not completely!

I won't go all into my "story" since you can read it in the "about me" section of my this website.  Instead, I will start where we left off.

So let's chat about this next adventure shall we?!  If you would have told me that at the ripe ole middle age of 44 I would be training to compete in a Body Building Figure Competition, I would have laughed at you until I cried! I will say I thought about it many, many years ago but NEVER imagined I could pull it off.  That is until this became the dream of my 19 year old daughter, KC. 

You see, I went with her to meet with this coach she was considering to hire for the summer months while she was home from college.  I was tagging along with her to ask the "mom" questions.  As we were sitting there with the coach, she turned to me and said "So, when are you going to compete?" Ummm, do what? In my head I had plenty I wanted to say but instead I started shaking my head as quickly back and forth as I could! "Oh, I'm not! I am covered in stretchmarks! There is NO WAY possible I could do that!" At that moment, my daughter turned to me and had the most excited look on her face and said "Please Mom do this with me! It will be so much easier for me if I have someone to do it with me! We can be a Mother/Daughter team!! It will be FUN!!"  Hmmm....what could this possibly hurt? I will lose 10-15% body fat, which will be about 20 more lbs not to mention, I would be in THE best shape of my life and get the best quality time with my daughter!  So, I wrote it on my bucket list and now I am on my way!!

So, now I am 10 weeks and 5 days from stepping on the stage.  It will be my 1 year anniversary from starting these amazing products!  I am not sure the emotions I am feeling because they are changing by the moment.  Let's just go with scaredtofreakindeath! Tomorrow is body fat testing and measurements again so tune in to see what the emotion of the day is after that!!


Brenda Staton
08/12/2013 8:40pm

Hey Sandra, This going to be so fun for you and KC. talk about Making Memories! Are you sure they are going to let you compete as Mother/Daughter...you could pass more for sisters! I know you are going to do great!

08/13/2013 8:46pm

You are such an inspiration!!! Praying you through the strength needed for this! Amazing!!!


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