I absolutely LOVE my breakfast each morning.  In fact, I sometimes dream about it and have been known to wake up at 4am DYING to go and have breakfast!!

Even if your not a HUGE breakfast fan, it is quick and easy and delish! So you wanna know what it is???
Here it is!! Quest bars! And these are just a handful of the options! You can put then in the microwave for about 13 seconds and have pure yumminess!

You can also cut them into 3rds, press them out a bit, put them on a cookie sheet and bake them on 350 degrees for 8 minutes and have THE best cookies ever! They have the texture of a cookie and are good for you and your kids for snacks!

Not only are they good for your taste buds, the most awesome part is the nutritional value of this protein bar.  You see, 95% of protein bars are LOADED with sugars and after looking, you may as well eat a snicker bar.  They are loaded with zero fiber, lots of sugars and the carb count is out of this world and then you don't even feel full! Check out these awesome nutritional facts...

As you can see, the dietary fiber count is crazy high, sugar count is extremely low and everything else is an awesome amount!

You can buy these at health food stores or even GNC has them and at most times has them on sale like buy 2 get one free so I stock up and just keep them in the cabinet for a quick grab in an emergency!

So go and check them out and if you are one that eats them, leave a comment for those that need some encouragement to step out and try one!!


08/24/2013 1:51pm

Love these!! They do take a little bit to get used to since they are so low in sugar. Can't wait to try baking them....sounds yummy!

08/24/2013 3:37pm

These bars are the best! I haven't had one I didn't like. I have a major sweet tooth and I feel as though these satisfy it perfectly! The nutritional stats are incredible, the taste is awesome, and they fill you up. I have only put them in the microwave, never baked them. I can't wait to try that as well!

08/24/2013 7:41pm

I'm baking some right now!!!! Yummy snack!

Angela Pritchard
08/27/2013 4:05pm

I can not find these and it's killing me.


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