My obsession!! GUM that tastes exactly like the dessert?! YES! And I recently purchased Root Beer Float, Rainbow Sherbert and Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake and they are delish!

This helps keep me sain and what I have found out is, if I have gum in my mouth I will be less tempted to put things in my mouth that I am not supposed to!

So what is your obession that keep you "normal" and sain?

Well, today is my first day of Intermittent Fasting or IF.  I had my last meal/shake at 8pm last night and I have had nothing else (except water each hour) since then  and it is 11:45am.  I get to eat one of my 2 meals for the day in about 30 minutes!! YAY! I am hungry....If I said I wasn't, I would be lying BUT I made it! My stomach is growling so hard it is kinda uncomfortable BUT I made it!

My diet also changed this week.  We are 24 days out today so the "extras" have to go aways.  What that means is no more eggs, quest bars and grains have been cut back and protein has been added.  Also my water intake has been cut some to get prepared for the end.  I was drinking about 180 oz a day but now 120 oz is all I get and it has to be the same amount each and every hour and the cut off is 7:30pm.  So for example if you get up at 5:30 am, you divide how many hours you have until 7:30 pm into 120 oz and then you drink that amount each hour. That is 15 hours drinking times so you would get 8 oz each hour.  The reasoning behind this is because you body can only process a certain amount each hour and what many of us do is forget to drink and then chug a bottle all at once to "catch up" and this does you no good!

With all of this said, I am headed into the kitchen to EAT!!!!


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