I want you each to think about this statement.  Which one are you?

Before I started taking these products, I was living to eat.  What does that exactly mean? It means I was living each day for food.  Each and every get together was centered around food.  Every outing had food involved.  And if you think about it, when you are planning get togethers with family how often is food NOT involved? Rarely if you are a part of my family!

As Americans, food is the center of everything. Birthday parties, pool parties, church fellowships, get together friends....heck, even going to the movies involves food!

When I started this journey and tried to think outside the box of things to do that didn't involve food, it was pretty much impossible! I still struggle at this and I am ALWAYS looking for suggestions! So, if you happen to have any, I would love your input!

NOW....I am to the point in my life and journey that I am eating to LIVE.  I no longer look at food as enjoyment as much as when I eat, I am eating because it is time and I know I HAVE to.  Period.  It's not like I am saying "Oh, I just can't WAIT to eat that chicken and broccoli for dinner" or "My mouth is watering just thinking about eating that tuna with stone ground mustard for lunch".  It is a wonderful place to be.  You see, I am the one in charge of the food now! Food no longer controls me or my thoughts.  I feel good from the inside out.  I feel "clean", "light"!

Speaking of eating to live.....it is that time! Guess I better go in there and eat so I can move on to something more fun!!


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