I have had this skin for 44 years.  I know my skin like I know nothing else....each flaw, each birth mark, each mole.  So.....why is it different now you might ask?
This is why! I am losing body fat and look what I have found under the fat! MUSCLES!!

The strangest thing happened last night....I had an itch on my arm and without giving it much thought, I started scratching it. What happened at that moment is the strange part! I had to stop scratching it because it was kinda gross at first HAHAHA!! I actually felt my muscles when scratching and it was the craziest thing I have ever experienced! I guess I have never felt that before! Of course, now I'm starting to feel them more and instead of grossed out, I am pretty stoked!! 

My husband thought it was kinda funny when I asked him if he would scratch my arm and I told him the reason.  But being the wonderful man he is, he scratched it (as he was chuckling of course)! And there will be more changes as I take this journey!

Today my diet is all liquids.  This just happens once a week.  Lots of protein shakes and V-8 juices.  And believe it or not, it am VERY satisfied! Today is the first day of this and I was dreading it but actually I am pretty okay with it! I love how it makes me feel light.  No gym or cardio today though so I am feeling lazy.  BUT that's alright too!

This is what some of my day looks like! Branched-Chain Amino Acids, Juice and water! 

What does your day look like? Are you staying focused on the finish line? How can I help you to either get started or keep going?


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