Change is not always an easy thing but the end result is usually a beautiful thing! 

Each year, the seasons change, a caterpiller changes into a butterfly, change (coins) turn into dollar bills and bad days change into good days.

But sometimes the PROCESS of the change can make us want to retreat back to the bad stuff only because it is familiar and comfortable! Just like this picture, you can choose to get off the exit or you can just keep heading down the same ole road!

This happend to me this morning in fact! Before I started taking these natural supplements, I was one of those that would wake up and before long could go back to sleep and sleep for another few hours and drag myself out of the bed at noonish.  BUT since taking these supplements, I get up at a decent hour and I feel good and ready to start the day.  Today, I woke up at the time that I usually do and was feeling a bit little tired.  I didn't have anything really going on, so I decided that I missed that morning nap I haven't had in about 8 months and wanted that "comfortable" feeling back......you know, that familiar feeling that I missed.  Well, I turned over and dozed back off.

Fast forward to now...I woke up and instantly know why I made those changes in my life.  That once familiar feeling that I THOUGHT was so wonderful don't feel so wonderful now and is NOT how I remember it! haha! I feel more tired, moving in slow motion, and just can't seem to get going.  Did I REALLY feel this way all the time? Did I REALLY think this was awesome? Apparantly I did, but now that I have experienced the change and retreated back to familiar territory, I choose change over this feeling.

I KNOW change is hard! BUT if you change nothing, nothing will change! And we all retreat back during this change sometimes but look at your map and find the next "change" exit and GET OFF THERE!!!


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